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im really annoyed right now by people’s lack of enthusiasm for pets. im looking for a place to live in the DC metro area. and no where will f’n allow pets. given, im looking at the “rooms/shared” list right now, but still. I HAVENT FOUND ONE THAT IS PET FRIENDLY. seriously. whats wrong with you people? my dog is great. he doesnt terrorize things. im willing to pay rent for him. and a deposit. he barks, but you dont have close neighbors (yes, YOU, you damn craiglisters). why cant my dog live comfortably in DC? i am super disappointed in the human race right now. i might rather be a dog.

“Friendly roommates in a great area. No pets, please.”

not so friendly, i think.


era no. 2

when i think about the past, i can fairly easily divide my life into two main eras: pre-college and college. i might need to make a new category for those early days, but for these purposes, two is plenty.

when i came to college (i was only 17!), i was ready. i jumped at the chance to leave the small-town. not that i dont like the small-town, i just needed a change. when youre a growing person (as opposed to a family oriented person, in particular), sometimes you just run all the tracks and wear them out. then its time to move on. i flew with leaps and bounds from era one to era two happily.

although i finished actual college schooling a year and a half ago, i am just now realizing and seeing the end of era two: an era i dont want to end. i love my friends from college. they have been real friends to me, as opposed to era one. i have grown so much in era two, and i guess i am scared of era three. 

anyway, my friends are starting to disperse… move away… far away. i guess ill be moving, too, so thats kind of fun. but i sincerely hope that era two never fully closes, and we can embrace era three together.


razzle gumrazzles.


















me:  okay cool
i work for 10 more minutesish
then i might run
kate:  ok call me later
me:  and i need to shower
kate:  run?
me:  word
kate:  haha
me:  i know… dont tell anyone
kate:  running is interesting
me:  shhh
kate:  i wont
thats werid
me:  thanks
okay ill call you later.
egg of life

pickled delight

raise of hands, or hearts… who knows what pickled eggs are?

me! okay, it sounds gross. maybe it is gross. pickling anything, in concept, is gross. but its so smart. its preservation. my sister recently visited south korea and explained to me how they pickle everything in these big vatts that just sit outside. i mean, pickles are pickled cucumbers. saurkraut is pickled cabbage. pickled beets. pickled eggs. see? not that weird. maybe.

every easter, and only at easter, my grandmother pickles eggs in pickled beet juice. so the eggs become this bright pink color– perfect for easter. especially with the vivid yellow center. they are kind of sweet. but i still put salt on them. and they are delicious. ive never tried a pickled egg that wasnt pickled in beet juice, but i see them in restaurants occasionally (just a vinegar mixture). i have to say that i do not recommend that pickled egg. go for the pink ones.

its preservation.

virginia technicolor

there are so many issues in society that have vices and virtues. i would consider the usage and possession of guns to be one of those issues. in last week’s Economist, there was an article on the virginia tech shootings of 2007, “Reflections on Virginia Tech” (April 11-17). the article focused on the head of the english department in which the shooter was a part. her name is lucinda roy and she wrote a book about her experience. the article shows the different layers of thought in reaction to this tragedy: layers so separate but undoubedly intertwined.


guns cause shootings on campus: guns prevent shootings on campus

having a mental illness should inhibit the possession of firearms: mental illness is too broad of a term to incategorize those who want firearms for protection or sport

more attention from the university could have prevented this tragedy: the university should not presume such outlandish mental illness in its “creative” students

the media should present all details about tragedies to its viewers as a public duty: the media should restrain from more disturbing and martying content of their broadcasts and prints 


these are concerns. ALL of them. both sides. all sides! they are catch 22 situations. ultimately, we have to weigh the pros and cons to each argument in relation to our personal experiences and very carefully take a stand on one side or the other. the pros that outweigh the cons in my arguments are very slight.

nevertheless, i am going to side with The Economist on gun control. i do not think it is appropriate for persons to carry firearms on a campus. think about the amount of anger and stress that is rampant in a college atmosphere. aggression is not the answer; it already is too often seen as such. we do not need guns even more involved. protection? yes, guns could be used as protection, but it makes so much sense in my mind that when you add more guns to a situation, there will be more protecting that needs to be done. SO, try to stop the problem at the root. preventative care. i would like to see more of that in our society in many areas. people should man-up and admit that problems are caused by problems.

the issues of mental illness as an attribute for firearm licensure is extremely important in my book. yes, i think persons with certain mental inhibitions could still carry firearms without being a threat to society, but should we take that risk? i guess that i have been exposed to too many freaks in my short lifetime to think that firearms are okay for the crazy. both of my parents work in public fields dealing with psychology. the stories my mother tells me blow my mind. and personally, i have had persons in my life who are extremely unstable. i knew it, they knew it, their psychiatrist knew it, their peers knew it. and still, they were allowed to not only own guns, but carry them. i was never okay with that. volatile personalities are threatening sans guns; i never understood why it was okay for these persons to have firearms. in writing this paragraph, i am realizing that i really do not know much about the restrictions on firearm licensure and carry permits. i know that there is a waiting period to buy a firearm (one of the more progressive and applicable gun control laws that i have seen, and when i learned about mike huckabee’s interest in abolishing that law, he definitely lost my support). i know that there is a background check. but, if you go to a psychologist, do you have to have permission from him/her to own/carry a firearm? i think that would be a good step, if it is not already in place. i would even go as far as to say that each person should require personal vouchers and maybe even a psychological exam before being allowed to own/carry. so, ultimately, i do not think that the va tech shooter should have been carrying a firearm under any legal circumstances.

helping students who seem mentally disturbed in a college setting is a little more tricky. do professors have that obligation? in primary school, the teacher is knowingly a parent figure. in college, the teacher is knowingly separated from the student. however, college is also the time to build friendships and mentorships with your teachers. i think it is great to be involved with your students. i commend dr roy for helping the to-be shooter, but i do not think a creative mind, even a disturbing creative mind, is worthy of mental detention. for me, this issue has no resolution.

the media is a never ending problem. i dont think there is a good solution to this issue, either. as citizens, we deserve to know what is going on in our country. yet, the crazies are fueled by others. in all of these arguments, i try to weigh the number of people that could be helped versus the probability of something going wrong and people being hurt. when there are guns on campus, i think the liklihood of a rise in threats and actual shootings is more of an issue than possible protection. if protection causes shootings, then that is not okay! however, in the case of the media, i think the amount of help that would come from people learning about situations like shootings outweighs the possibility of a copy cat situation. given, ill listen to your argument against that idea (or any!).

so, like the single colors layers of a technicolor film, we will have to merge our different ideas. and what is the conclusion right now? we still have a problem.


i am from a rather podunk area, and i must say that i embrace it well. i might not have the accent, but put me in the right situation and ill show you an unexplainable dialect. still, i have been rather removed from the country part of my life over the past few years. and i guess i am rather naive sometimes about all the niches of southern culture.

she said: “really… he likes kraft singles.”

the other day, a friend of mine described a guy, via texting, as someone who likes kraft singles. i burst out laughing because i had really never used kraft singles as a stereotype, but it was perfect! first, i have to say that i think it is wonderful how iconic kraft singles are to american society. kind of like wonder bread. things like kraft singles got families through the depression! personally, i have never liked kraft singles (unless they are fried between two buttery pieces of bread, or they are topping a breakfast toad-in-the-hole).

so i want you to appreciate with me the meaning of kraft singles. someone, please tell me what a kraft single really is. cheese? kind of. cheese and water. closer. its podunk! if im going to choose a cheese to eat, ill choose something with a little more effort. so when i hear that someone likes kraft singles, honestly, i think of poor hilbillies. and i probably shouldnt negatively stereotype because a lot of my family would fit into this category, but i cant help it. it makes too much sense. what really kills me is that this guy, for whom the stereotype was made, is a well-off yuppie. but then he likes kraft singles! like always, i just want you to think about that connection. and then i want you to laugh because it makes so much sense. 

not that i dont like kraft singlers, i am just laughing because podunk and kraft singles go so well hand in hand. embrace it.